Welcome to the website of bOLDr - for older people  by older people.

Please explore the site and give us feedback. Under “Topics” you will find papers written by members of the group on a wide range of issues that affect older people directly.

The bOLDr Network is a group of individuals in their 50s, 60s and 70s who have come together to explore how we can make best use of our combined skills and experience.

We are interested in:

  1. Contributing to the development of a fairer society

  2. Sharing the lessons we have learnt with those who are interested to learn

  3. Supporting one another to live healthy and fruitful lives

  4. Remaining independent for longer through mutual help, deferring reliance on our children and the state

  5. Enjoying ourselves and developing creativity

We come from a range of backgrounds. Collectively we have a wealth of experience in community and arts development, promoting social change, teaching (in all main phases), public service and communications.